In the USA Bass fishing scene heavy metal spoon lures are commonly used for catching fish close to the bottom, close to structure, and suspended in the water column.  I know that a heavy metal slug does not sound very appealing for barra fishing, and fair enough, I don't want to use a tuna lure for barra either.  But a metal slug is not what this lure is. The Onduspoon looks like a traditional spoon, but is not metal, it's actually plastic, made of the same materials as Sebile's other lures.  The amazing thing is that it flutters to the bottom much slower than a traditional spoon letting a barra ambush it as it drops.  The lure can be worked in a number of different ways such as slow rolling, twitching, walk the dog, skipped fast across the surface, fast rolling, paused and lightly flicked, or any other technique you think may work.  It comes rigged with an Owner treble but may need a slightly heavier hook depending on the application.  This is the baby model best suited for saltwater barra and sooty grunter, but is also effective on larger impoundment fish. MH

 Below is a video from ICAST 2010 where Patrick Sebile demonstrates how to use the lure. 

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