The D14 is a professional fixed focus dive torch running AA batteries for longer run times without loss of power.  This is my preferred hand held torch for odd jobs and in the boat.  I even use this as a guide light for MIG welding which shows how tough these things are.  Currently this seems to be the most popular torch for divers on the great barrier reef.  I have done some freshwater night snorkelling in Lake Eacham with this torch and it worked great.  MH

Professional divers know that conventional lamps don’t get you very far when under water. Refraction rules out long ranges. Therefore, we designed a lamp that due to its axial collimator attains a strength of focus that has been considered impossible. The lamp head consists of high-grade steel, the body of shock-resistant and shatter-proof plastic. A newly-developed magnetic switch facilitates easy handling even with gloves. Compared to the previous model, we have doubled the light output (3 watt chip).  If the lamp is operated for 3 hours per week, the diode will last for 600 years

LED High End Power LED
Weight 220 g
Lumens 150 lm*
Batteries 4x AA
Energy tank 16,8 Wh
Burning life 20 h**
Beam range 180 m*
Sold Out
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