Barramundi are a very nocturnally active species and therefore are often targeted at night when they are feeding.  Head lamps are an almost essential accessory that i find very hard to fish without.  They allow the angler to change lures, hooks, tie knots, etc.  The H14.2 is my personal weapon of choice due to AA batteries lasting longer than AAA models, and it's versatility.  As well as a head lamp this light may be used as a camp light or mounted to bars and rails such as the handlebars of a push bike with the included accessory pack.  A great unit.  MH
The H14.2 is an innovative headlamp with astonishing luminosity. When developing this masterpiece, performance and flexibility were the first priorities. The lamp is continuously focusable and swivelling. Thanks to an intelligent fastening system, the lamp head can be detached from the headband, and worn on your belt. A universal fastener makes for a wide range of applications. The microcontroller-operated Smart Light Technology offers several light programs with different functions, so that there is a suitable light mode for every occasion.
LED Xtrem Power LED
Weight 340 g
Lumens 350 lm*
Batteries 4x AA 1,5V
Burning life 8 h**
Beam range 260 m*
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  • LED LENSER H14.2