In 2010 Daiwa introduced the most advanced baitcaster braking system for lure fishing – Magforce 3D.  Combining the best attributes of the Magforce family, Magforce 3D features the ultimate in fine cast control. Unlike previous systems that relied on the inductor spinning into a single invariable magnetic field, the new Magforce 3D inductor rotor still shifts between the magnets but varies the strength of the magnetic field by shifting the magnets in the side plate. With three modes – Maxbrake, All Round and Longcast.

MAX BRAKE – in this mode the magnets are shifted towards the spool inductor to provide maximum magnetic field, which slows the spool. It is perfectly suited for aerodynamically poor lures.

ALL ROUND –in this mode the inductor rotor enters the magnetic field similar to the previous V and Z systems, providing braking during maximum speed to avoid over run. As the spool decelerates the inductor retracts allowing the spool to spin longer. The perfect all-rounder.

LONG CAST – in this mode the magnets move the furthest distance away from the inductor rotor, limiting the magnetic field and allowing unimpeded spool revolution. It is perfect for casting long distances in open water where there is little wind.

In addition to the three modes the Magforce 3D system can be set with the magnetic fine tune cast control dial. With 20 fine tune increments in 3 modes it offers 60 stages making it possible to cast in all conditions and situations.

unimpeded line flow is one of the most overlooked features of baitcaster design.  A new line guide design that uses a wide entrance and thin exit allows line to release more efficiently. By locating the line guide 38mm away from the spool (previous designs were 28mm) the line exits at a reduced angle resulting in smooth line discharge with minimum noise or line wear.

6.4 to 1 gear ratio

12 + 1 corrosion resistant ball bearings


6kg of drag

230m of PE2 line


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  • DAIWA Z2020H
  • DAIWA Z2020H