Japanese company Megabass is well known for producing the world's best freshwater fishing lures.  Many of the lures designed for Largemouth Bass fishing in the USA and Japan are highly attractive to a hungry Barramundi.  Anglers such as Townsville's Ethan Farrell have been using some of Japan's most unique lures to catch multiple Barra in both salt and fresh water.  The XPOD is a unique lure with a hinged jaw that can be fished in two different ways.  With the jaw folded up it behaves like a walk the dog lure, and with the jaw dropped down, it can be worked like a popper.  It's mouth has bubble channels built in for sound and visual reasons, and the ass end has a nice molded in keel to keep it on track.  It's not often that you see a lure advanced enough to require an included instruction booklet.  MH
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