Predatek Viper and Hyperviper

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 Predatek's Viper range of lures are not exactly new to the Australian market.  First Released in 1995, the viper consisted of a new body shape, coupled with a molded polycarbonate bib from Predatek's existing product range.  The Predatek range of lures were extremely advanced for their time in regards to the materials and construction methods used.  While other local Australian manufacturers were using expanding urethane foam to speed up construction times, the boys at Predatek were looking farther afield.  By drawing inspiration from the USA and other international markets, they decided to step things up a notch and go for international standard molded polycarbonate lures which were far more aesthetically pleasing and far more durable for tough domestic species such as the Barramundi. 

Early in the piece Vipers had a reputation on Tinaroo for having a very weak bib.  When i weighed my first World Record, i was informed by an employee of Bransford's Tackle at Clifton Beach that some people on the tablelands had a whole shed full of vipers with the bib broken off.  I had never seen a single broken bib, but these words stuck in my head, and for some time i was just waiting for a breakage.  Later i found out the reason why i had never seen a broken bib.  Predatek redesigned the bib in 1999 under the trademarked name Enduroshok.  The Enduroshok bib is much tougher, of thicker construction, a new plastic, a different molding process and a central reinforcing rib that extends into the nose of the lure.  I can Truthfully say that in the time i have been using Predatek lures, i have not yet broken any part of the lure, including the bib.  Sure i have straightened hooks, but i have not yet broken any plastic part off any of my Viper or Hyperviper lures the whole time i have used them.

When i started fishing for Barra i knew nothing about the species, or the tackle required, as the only other freshwater fishing experience i had at the time was fishing for bass in Northern NSW.  I phoned my dad and asked him some questions about Barra, because he had fished for them before.  He decided he would send me a package of 2 rods, 2 reels and about 6 vipers.  After doing some internet research, i found that vipers were actually the most popular lure used on Tinaroo, primarily by trollers.  For some time i was under the impression that vipers were no good as a casting lure, but i was in for a rude shock.  In early 2011 i cast a black viper with red head almost exclusively for 3 months straight, in the dirty storm runoff flowing into Tinaroo.  I estimate i hooked 40 or more Barra over a metre in this time which well  and truly proved the worth of my chosen lure.  The Predatek Viper may be the most successful lure yet for catching world record Barramundi.  I know of 4 records that were caught on a Viper, including the 8kg line class, Small fry class, Retired 37kg line class, and the very first All tackle Length world record for a 117cm fish I caught casting a viper on 10lb line.  I would say there are probably even more than this.

117cm Barra caught on Black Viper and 10lb braid

To be continued...................

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